Our Golden Syrup is Triple refined so as to remove all impurities and is further filtered using 5 micron filters which results in the ultra-purification of golden syrup making it more suitable for consumption, as in case of salt which has to be refined and iodized before human consumption & so is the case with normal sugar which contains approx. 1-7 % impurities.

Kusum Golden Syrup is 1.7 times sweeter than normal Sugar Syrup and due to the presence of fructose it can be easily assimilated in the body. It is a versatile product finding its usage in wide range of application.

It makes a perfect economic sense. You will find better results than normal crystal sugar usage.

We have developed this process in collaboration with National Research and Development Center (NRDC), Delhi and Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC), Mumbai and it is patented by NRDC. This makes us unique in entire Sweetener industry.

We are ISO 22000:2005(HACCP) certified organization.

Benefits of kusum Golden Syrup : -

Due to the mix of sugars – sucrose, glucose and fructose and the sweetness synergy between sucrose and fructose, Medium invert delivers an increased sweetness for the same solids when compared to sucrose alone. This extra sweetness is useful in fruit flavoured drinks where around 20% less carbohydrate sweetener can be used than would be the case with a standard invert.

Keeps food moister, fresher : -

Golden Syrup has a high affinity for water, so golden syrup (a ‘humectant’) is often used to keep products moist and extend their shelf life.

This additional moisture retention is especially important in low fat baked goods such as cakes, soft cookies and bread rolls, since these products can become dry and stale much quicker than their full fat counterparts.

Golden Syrup can also be used in place of glycerol as the humectant in cakes, where it brings additional benefits such as enhanced fruit flavours, extra sweetness, enhanced colour and improved flavour development during cooking.

Preservation - Water Activity Reduction (Aw) : -

If a product has a high ‘water activity’ it may be more prone to microbial contamination which in turn may reduce the shelf life.The increased number of molecules in an golden syrup causes an increase in osmotic pressure and inhibits microbial growth so it acts as a more effective preservative.

Freezing Point Depression

Use of an Golden Syrup can also lower the freezing point of solution and prevent the formation of large ice crystals. This is ideal:

Flavour Enhancement

The Fructose in Golden Syrup has a natural synergy with acid and fruit flavours and therefore can enhance these flavours in applications such as :

Home made soft drinks

Home made baked goods containing fruit

Home made fruit-flavoured confectionery

Flavour and Colour Development

Golden Syrups have a higher tendency to develop colour and therefore enhance colour development during the manufacture of :





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  • ISO 22000:2005
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